About Us

About Us About Us

We are a small Company based in Somerset which has been supplying Compostable/Biodegradable liners and sacks (both paper and cornstarch) since 2008, along with Kitchen and Kerbside Caddies.

We are also on Amazon where our feedback rating is excellent.

If it is your first visit to our site you are very welcome.

Over the years we have built up a tremendous loyal Customer base who keep on returning for our levels of service, competitive prices and quality products.

We only sell genuine branded products from world leading manufacturers. These products 'sell themselves', but please be aware, since we started our business we have seen many 'copycat' products with too good to be true prices that look like originals but have been' branded over' by other online Companies that just want to make a 'quick buck'

We only sell the leading Brand of Compost Bag, a UK Company who we have been associated with since the beginning...gauranteed...not re branded...we very much intend to be here for many many years.

Our slogan is

                             'Quality, Service, Choice and Value as standard'

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